bong Grace Glass Big Baked Beaker Green


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bong Grace Glass Big Baked Beaker Green

Grace Glass Big Baked Beaker Green

Thickness: 5mm
Socket: 18.8mm
Oil: No
Led: No
Ice: Yes
Shape: Straight
Perculator: Honeycomb
Number of Perculators: 2
Color: Black
Height: 56
Diameter: 51

This new bong from Grace Glass features high quality construction, borosilicate glass and a classic scientific beaker design.

With a powerful green color on the base, mouthpiece, ice pinches and on the bowl handle. The waterpipe with an height of 49 cm comes with a matching 18mm glass funnel bowl with handle and a removable downstem for smooth, powerful tokes.

The 3 ice pinches hold your ice to provide a cooling effect on your smoke when needed. There is also a splash guard filter for extra smoothnes.

Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso3 kg
Dimensioni60 × 20 × 20 cm


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