Thorinder Herb Grinder Xmas Limited Version


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Thorinder Herb Grinder Xmas Limited Version

Thorinder Herb Grinder Xmas Limited Version

Powered by AFTER GROW® Teeth-Tec™

AFTER GROW® Teeth-Tec™ provides the best teeth shape combination and function which supports to grind the herb in the best way as well as recovering all the resin detached during the grinding process.

Hefty magnetic closure
AFTER GROW® uses the bigger size magnet with stronger power to protect your herb in your THORINDER™.

Unscratchable strong Clear Top
Did you ever aware THORINDER™ clear top isn’t scratched on any table’s surface? AFTER GROW® takes care of all the details and brings you the best grinding experience. Strong material also helps.

Ergonomic slim waist for a better grip
THORINDER™ ergonomic waist brings you a very best control while grinding.

Strong, highly stretchable Scraper from AFTER GROW® just likes the hammer of Thor. THORINDER™ gets the weapon.

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Dimensioni10 × 10 × 10 cm


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