Vision Gorilla Auto Vision Seeds


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Vision Gorilla Auto Vision Seeds

Vision Gorilla Auto Vision Seeds

Vision Gorilla Auto is one of the most potent strains by Vision Seeds, she has a wonderful earthy taste with a pungent sour flavour.

A flavour that will most definitely cling to your taste buds for a while.

She is a very easy strain to grow. So, even enthusiasts with little to no growing experience will be able to look forward to some good quality results.

Vision Gorilla Auto is blessed with staggering levels of THC which allow for her effects to kick in almost instantly resulting in a long-lasting, stress-free, happy uplifted feeling. She is very compact, a delightful sight to see loaded with dense resin coated buds.

Strain info: Vision Gorilla Auto (Vision Seeds)
Resa media indoor 400 g/m²
Effetto Euphoric, happy, uplifting
Genetica Gorilla Glue x Ruderalis
Ambiente adatto alla coltivazione Al coperto / all’aperto
Tipo di seme Autofiorenti
Gusto / Aroma Earthy, sour
THC medio 23%

Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso0.02 kg
Dimensioni5 × 5 × 5 cm

10 semi, 3 Semi, 5 Semi


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