Caramel Monster Fem Vision Seeds


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Caramel Monster Fem Vision Seeds

Caramel Monster Fem Vision Seeds

Caramel Monster is a sativa dominant hybrid, her flavorful smooth taste with sweet floral aromas has derived from the lavender family.

She’ll grow to an average height and produce buds with the characteristics of an Indica plant, they are dense with an alluring green colour and orange hairs together with an incredible coat of resin.

The effects Caramel Monster produces kick in fast, overwhelming you with a happy feeling and relaxed state of mind, a perfect state of mind in which you can let your creativity run seriously wild.

Strain info: Caramel Monster (Vision Seeds) feminized
Resa media indoor 550 g/m²
Effetto Creative, happy, relaxing, uplifting
Genetica Lavender family
Tempo di fioritura indoor 60 giorni
Ambiente adatto alla coltivazione Al coperto / all’aperto
Tipo di seme Femmizzati
Gusto / Aroma Flowery, sweet
THC medio 20%

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