Vision Kosher Fem Vision Seeds


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Vision Kosher Fem Vision Seeds

Vision Kosher Fem Vision Seeds

Vision Kosher is, as the name suggests one seriously “chill” strain and a true blessing to our collection. Not sure if she would pass as kosher in the classical sense of the word and if not, we certainly think she should.

Vision Kosher doesn’t grow very tall but she´s full of buds with a dense structure, bright orange hairs and an amazing coat of resin to give her a wonderful glistening look.

Her unique but yet very familiar smell and taste makes you wander into a rich earthy and fruitful dimension, she´s known as one of the tastiest smokes around.

She can produce staggering levels of THC which will result in a powerful high with an uplifting feeling putting you in a delightful mood.

Strain info: Vision Kosher (Vision Seeds) feminized
Resa media indoor 625 g/m²
Composizione Indica 85% / Sativa 15%
Effetto Powerful, uplifting
Genetica Kosher Kush
Tempo di fioritura indoor 64 giorni
Ambiente adatto alla coltivazione Al coperto / all’aperto
Tipo di seme Femmizzati
Varietà Kush
Gusto / Aroma Earthy, fruity
THC medio 20%

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